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Kevin Shares His Seahawks Experience with His Dad

“ Kevin abandons the sidelines and joins his favorite team on the field. ”

Kevin was three days old when he had his first heart surgery. Since then, he’s survived three other surgeries and too many emergency room visits. Every time he runs or exerts himself, there’s a risk of sudden death, which usually keeps him on the sidelines. But for his wish, Kevin was able to join the Seattle Seahawks on the field.

Kevin’s wish had to wait though. It wouldn’t be complete without his dad, who lives 7,000 miles away in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. “I ain’t doing it without my dad here,” Kevin said.

So when he received a message from head coach Pete Carroll asking him to join the team, Kevin was more than a little disappointed about the timing. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Hidden behind an array of Make-A-Wish balloons stood Kevin’s dad, waiting to surprise him. Now, his wish was perfect.

At the Seahawks’ training camp, general manager John Schneider and coach Carroll signed him to a five-year deal. “I’d like six years, but if they want five, they can do that,” Kevin joked after signing the contract. He also made a very apt prediction. “I can tell you one thing. One thing. There will be a Super Bowl this year.

Kevin met his teammates, including his  favorite player Russell Wilson, and at lunch, he whipped out a notebook full of questions and began gathering knowledge from his fellow Seahawks.

On the field, he tested his arm with coach Carroll, ran a play and scored a touchdown for his team. Before leaving the stadium, Kevin caught a glimpse of his name permanently listed on the Seahawks’ all-time roster, a player for life.

Kevin's wish was part of the 2013 "My Wish" series on ESPN's SportsCenter.

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