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Home Runs and Hope: Cesar Meets the Dodgers


“ Cesar arrives at Dodgers Stadium with his family, all ready for the big day ahead. ”

The soft crack of a home run ball being blasted over the ballpark walls, the smell of freshly cut grass carried on a late-summer’s breeze, and the calls of vendors yelling, “Hot dogs! Cracker Jack, here!” These are the senses and sounds of baseball; the exact recipe for a sensory concoction capable of making any day a special one loaded with memories.

Today, Cesar celebrates the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 9-2 victory over the San Diego Padres with his family. To some, baseball is only a game, but to a family like Cesar’s, baseball is a way of life.

Wearing his prized Hanley Ramirez jersey, Cesar arrives at Dodgers Stadium with his family, all ready for the big day ahead. Dodger staff members greet them with smiles and hats, but like true Dodgers fans, the whole family has come with their own hats and excitement.

As they make their way to the field through the stadium, Cesar passes the trophy case that holds the achievements of his many heroes. He gasps in awe as the fact begins to set in that he will soon meet the very men he watches so intently on television every day. Most days, it is the Dodgers that give Cesar strength and joy. But little does Cesar know, today, it is he who will serve as the source of inspiration for an amazing Dodgers triumph.

When they pass through the final tunnel, the sunlight becomes visible and Cesar is on the very field that he has dreamed of seeing in person his whole life. The Dodgers are taking batting practice, and as this begins to end, Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez walk over to greet Cesar and his family. They autograph hats and jerseys for everyone and talk baseball with Cesar. Puig even signs the bat he used moments before in batting practice, and hands it to Cesar.

Cesar must have been Puig’s good luck charm because that very night he had four hits and two stolen bases! But Cesar’s magic did not stop there. Adrian Gonzalez went on to hit two home runs that night after meeting with Cesar and shaking his hand. The Dodgers may want to consider keeping Cesar close to the dugout at every home game.

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Joseph B.

What a great story. God Bless Cesar and his family.

April 08, 2014 - 1:27 PM

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