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Hugs and Wishes: Couples That Grant Wishes Together, Transform Together

Dina and Nittin have been wish granters together for 18 years.
Love. It is at the core of our mission to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. A wish pulls on the heartstrings of everyone involved. It has the power to transform the lives of wish kids, their families, volunteers, donors, doctors and anyone else involved. For the second consecutive year, we bring you our #HugsAndWishes series, a collection of love stories that start with, or circle back to, Make-A-Wish. Follow the series on Facebook and Twitter – and remember to #SpreadLove every day.

Wish-granting volunteers work in teams of two to three to grant wishes that transform lives. Make-A-Wish trains these volunteers to help children with critical illnesses identify their most heartfelt wish – and to bring the experience to life in a way that exceeds every expectation.

Some pairs of wish granters are also partners in everyday life – and they have found that volunteering together for Make-A-Wish has the power to transform their own lives. Here are some couples who demonstrate that granting wishes together has the power to deliver hope, strength and joy to wish kids, families … and each other.

Dina and Nittin, Make-A-Wish Illinois, wish granters for 18 years

“Wish granting as a couple allows us to be involved with something bigger than ourselves and to make a positive impact on those who need it the most,” Dina said. “Bringing hope and joy to children and families facing such difficult challenges helps us maintain perspective and deepens our bond. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference!” (photo above, with wish kid Anthony)

Jill and Sean have been wish granters together for two years.

Sean and Jill, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, wish granters for two years

“We love working with other volunteers, but we have the most fun when we can grant wishes and work on projects together,” Jill said. “Even when we work on wishes separately, it is wonderful to be able to share the experience and excitement with each other after the fact.” (photo above)

Dave and Pat

Pat and Dave, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, wish granters together for three years

“I have been granting wishes since 2001,” Pat said. “While working with different wish granters has been rewarding, it’s fantastic having Dave as my partner. Sharing such a wonderful experience with him makes us even closer as a couple.”

Dave added, “I was always interested in hearing Pat talk so passionately about her wish kids and their families and how granting a wish made such a positive difference in their lives. Three years ago I decided that instead of just hearing about the magic and power of a wish, I wanted to become a wish granter too. We are a ‘go-to’ team for rush wishes, not only because of our experience, but also because as a couple we can quickly coordinate meetings and tasks, thereby granting the wish as soon as possible. We love spending time together as a wish granting couple.” (photo above)

IT’S EASY TO BECOME A WISH GRANTER! Make-A-Wish trains wish volunteers to help children identify their most heartfelt wish, and then bring the experience to life. Visit your local chapter’s website to learn more about its volunteer needs. FIND MY LOCAL CHAPTER


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